Create a Legacy Job

Legacy jobs use pipelines that a developer creates using the UX Studio plug-in to the Eclipse IDE. This functionality is deprecated. We recommend creating jobs using the new job framework.

To complete this procedure, you must know: For jobs defined for the entire Organization, the cartridge containing the pipeline must be included in the cartridge path for the Business Manager Site. Go toAdministration > Site > Manage Sites > Business Manager Site > Manage the Business Manager Site. For jobs defined for a site, the cartridge containing the pipeline must be included in the cartridge path for the site. Go to Administration > Site > Manage Sites > site .
  1. Select Administration > Operations > Jobs (deprecated).
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a name and description.
  4. Specify the execution scope.
  5. Enter the pipeline name and start node.
  6. Enter a date for the job to run once, or specify a recurring interval.
  7. Click Apply.
  8. For jobs with a site execution scope, click Sites and select one or more sites.
    Jobs with a scope of multiple sites are split into one job per site at run time. If one of the separate jobs fails, that job handles retries and failure notifications individually. The separate jobs also appear separately in the job history.
  9. Click Resources.
  10. Select the objects that the job changes or updates and then click Assign.
    Assigning a resource to the job protects that resource from being changed by another job or user while it's being operated on by this job. For example, while a job is updating the catalog, you don't want other jobs or users to change the catalog, categories, or products.
  11. To send or receive email notifications about job status, click Notifications and configure email addresses and notification settings.
  12. If the job pipeline requires parameters, click Parameters and enter the name and value for each parameter.
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