Assign Multiple Products to Multiple Catalogs and Multiple Categories

Assign products to categories in multiple catalogs, in a single step.

  1. Select Merchandiser Tools > Products and Catalogs > Products.
  2. Search for and select the products you want to assign.
    Assigning a base product or variation group to a category assigns all variation products to that category. You can also assign a single variation product to a category without assigning the base product.
  3. Click Assign.
  4. In the dropdown list, select the catalog you want to add the products to.
  5. In the category tree, select the categories you want to assign the products to.
    Each catalog and category assignment is listed so you can review the product assignments before confirming your changes.
  6. When you’re finished assigning products, click Next.
  7. Review and confirm your catalog, and category selections.
    Click Previous to make changes.

    Click Cancel to stop the process.

  8. For each catalog, you can assign a primary category to the newly assigned products. Assigning a primary category replaces any previously set primary category for the products. To leave the primary category as is, select None.
  9. Assign a classification category to the assigned products.
    Only one classification category can be assigned. To leave the classification category as is, select None.
    Note: Products that don't have a previously assigned classification category or primary category, are assigned the first classification or category listed in the dropdown.
  10. Click Finish: Go to Batch Process or Finish: Go to Products. Both selections start the batch process, and finalize the new assignments.
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