Create a Product Variation Group

You can import variation groups or create variation groups.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Products.
  2. Search for the variation base product that you want to create a variation group for.
  3. On the Products page General tab, click the variations tab.
  4. Click Lock.
    Note: It isn't possible to create variation groups unless the product is locked.
  5. Add variation product and configure values for all variation attributes. You must have created these values to select them for variation groups.
  6. Under Variation Groups, enter a unique ID for your variation group and click Add. Take note of any warnings that appear before clicking OK to continue.
    Note: You can also click Clone to clone an existing variation group.
  7. Select a value for at least one variation attribute.
  8. Click Apply.
  9. To display the list of SKUs assigned to the variation group. Click the group ID.
  10. On the General Tab, click Lock.
  11. Arrange your variation group in the order in which you want it to inherit properties. See the section on property inheritance for more information.
  12. In the Searchable list, select the sites where you want to be able to search for the variation group.
  13. In the Online list, select the site that contains the category where you want to see the variation group. Click Apply.
  14. Click the Categories tab.
  15. Click Edit and assign the variation group to the categories in which you want it to appear.
  16. To save your changes. Click Apply.
  17. Position the variation group order in the category using category position or drag the variation group to the desired position.
  18. Reindex the product index.
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