Scenario 3

Assign Color Variation to Recommendation.

In This scenario, you configure the t-shirt product so that swatches for all available variations appear in a recommendation, whether they are assigned to the category or not. The scenario assumes the T-shirt (TS) product is set up for slicing. See Scenario 2 for more information. For more information about variation slicing by category.

  1. Select site > Products & Catalogs > Products, find the T-shirt (TS) base product. To open the product, click the product ID. For this scenario, search for T-shirt.
  2. On the Product page Categories tab, for the storefront-catalog-en catalog womens-clothing-tops category, click Details.

    Note: Clicking the category name doesn't bring you to the correct page.
  3. On the Product Category Details page, click the Variation Values tab.
  4. On the Variation Attribute Values tab, for the color/color attribute, click Edit Values.
  5. On the Edit Variation Attribute Values window, select green and amber as the active color variation values and click Apply. Setting the active color variation values restricts the variations shown for the category.
  6. For the clothingSize/size attribute, click Edit Values, and select M and L as the active size variation values. Setting the size attribute restricts the sizes shown for the category.
  7. Select site > Search > Search Indexes, then select the product index and click Rebuild to rebuild the index.

B2C Commerce stores the rule, that product IDs T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, and T9 belong to the women-clothing-tops category.

Storefront Experience

  1. The shopper searches for keyword T-shirt.
  2. The shopper selects the amber image.
  3. The product detail page shows the color amber variation and swatches for the other colors appear as well. Swatches for all available variations always appear, whether they are assigned to the category or not.
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