Create Campaigns and Promotions

Creating a complete marketing and promotional campaign can seem like a daunting task, but doesn't have to be. Start by setting an overall goal and then break down the tasks involved.

  1. Start by creating an experience. There are three types of experiences: promotions, slot configurations, and sorting rules. For example, you can create:
    • A promotion that provide a sales for customer who have held accounts for more than five years
    • A slot configuration that targets the content that an unregistered customer sees on your storefront
    • A sorting rules that controls the order in which search results appear
  2. Create a promotion. A promotion can be site wide or triggered by a qualifier. You can apply promotions to products, entire orders, or shipping. For example:
    • Buy two shirts and get one free shirt
    • Spend over $100 and get 20% off
    • Add ties to your order and get free shipping
    Further control your promotions by defining qualifiers, such as coupons, customer groups, or source codes.
  3. Create a slot configuration. Slot configurations target specific customers. For example, a content slot on your home page targets top buyers.
  4. Create a sorting rule. Sorting rules define the order your products show on the storefront. For example, you sort by top sellers, so a customer sees the highest selling products first.
  5. Create and populate a campaign. For example, your Spring Fling campaign contains a promotion discounting sandals and flip flops and a sorting rule that sorts green products first. Customers trigger the promotion by using the coupon SPRINGFUN. The campaign runs the first month of Spring.
    1. Add experiences to your campaign.
    2. Add qualifiers to your campaign.
    3. Schedule your campaign.
  6. For each experience, perform the following:
    • For promotions: Modify the schedule and assign customer groups, source codes, coupons, and rank.
    • For slot configurations: Modify the schedule and assign customer groups and rank.
    • For sorting rules: Assign one or more categories.
  7. To determine the effectiveness of your promotions, content slots, and sorting rules as they relate to your overall marketing goals, create and run A/B Tests.
  8. Test your campaign and promotions on the storefront.
  9. When you're satisfied with your campaign, set it online.
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