Create an Order Promotion Rule

An order promotion rule applies to the entire order, for example, 20% off on all orders in April.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Promotions.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter or select the general promotion information and click Apply.
  4. For the promotion class, select Order.
  5. Select a promotion type.
  6. Specify the discount. You can tier discounts.
    Keep in mind that bonus product discounts have unique behaviors that you can configure in promotion preferences.
    If you select Choice of Bonus Products as the discount, you have to change your storefront application.
  7. To exclude products, click Edit, select excluded products, and click Apply.
    You can select Also exclude products or items that have received a product-level discount. Entire SKUs or individual items are excluded in the basket or order depending on the Product Promotion Class Exclusivity preference.
    If your rule grants a percent off an order total, the promotion doesn't include the cost of an excluded product in the total discounted amount.
  8. To specify qualifying products, click Edit.
    If you don't set qualifying products, all products in the order contribute towards the merchandise total.
  9. If your promotion discounts an order based on payment method, under Payment Methods, click Edit and select the payment methods.
    You can't create a payment method discount for bonus products and choice of bonus products order promotion classes. A payment method discount is calculated when the order is placed, before bonus products are chosen.
    A split payment can occur if the customer uses more than one of the qualifying payment methods. To prevent a promotion from applying to split payment orders, contact Salesforce Customer Support.
  10. To alert customers that their order is approaching a discount promotion, select Alert. Enter the amount that the merchandise total must be to trigger the condition.
  11. Click Apply.
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