Qualifying and Discounted Products

You can define promotions that specify qualifying products, the products a shopper must buy and how much to be eligible for a discount. You can also specify which products are discounted.

When specifying qualifying or discounted products, configure rules for including or excluding products based on product ID, category assignment, product, brand, price, price book, inventory, and product attribute conditions. For example, you can exclude sandals from a footwear promotion.

Inventory-Based Include and Exclude Rules

To implement inventory-based include or exclude rules, you must also manage inventory within B2C Commerce. These rules depend on the B2C Commerce available to sell (ATS) attribute.

Qualifying and Discounted Products Containing Product Attribute Conditions

Configure product rules for qualifying and discounted products that contain product attribute conditions by using the condition type Attribute on the Promotion Rule window. Other conditions types are Category, ID, Brand, Price, and ATS. You can use this feature to target products based on attribute values. For example, $10 off necklaces where product length is equal to 18 centimeters or 20 centimeters.

Localized Attributes

For localized attributes, the rule evaluation compares the condition values with all values of the product for this attribute, regardless of locale. For example, a condition color==green targets products with attribute color(de_DE)=gruen and color(en_US)=green.

Including and Excluding Variation Products

You can include or exclude all variations of a specific product, or specific variations. When configuring qualifying and discounted product include and exclude rules, the following business rules apply:

Promotion Rule
Include or exclude all variation products of a base product Includes or excludes the product base product or all the variation products
Exclude desired variation products only

An individual variation product that's part of the included or excluded products of a promotion product rule has no effect on any other variation product or the base product itself.

Product Sets As Qualifying Products

Product sets aren't supported as product promotion qualifiers or discounted products. They also aren't supported as qualifiers for shipping costs, shipping surcharges, and shipping exclusions. Product sets don't appear in qualifier search results, though it's possible to add the ID of a product set manually. If a qualifier refers to a product set, promotion and shipping import logs a warning, but doesn’t stop the import.


You want to define a product promotion that applies a 30% discount as follows:

You would set up the following discounted product rule:

Include products

Category equals Sweaters from site-catalog-en

Price < $40

Exclude products

Brand equals Premium Shirts

Price > $59

  ATS < 10
  ID equals SHIRT-19, SHIRT-26
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