Create a Search Index Rebuild Schedule

Scheduled indexing is used to fully rebuild an index automatically and regularly.

Scheduled indexing is available on Staging, Production, and Development instances. Scheduled indexing features are not available for Cloudboxes or Sandboxes, because these instance types don't execute scheduled processes. Salesforce recommends rebuilding the index on a Staging instance and then replicating the updated index from Staging to Production. To avoid performance issues, avoid scheduling index rebuilds or using incremental indexing on a Production instance.
Note: It is recommended that you turn off scheduled indexing during data replication.
  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Search > Search Indexes.
  2. On the Search Indexes page, click Rebuild Schedule.
  3. On the Search Index Rebuild Schedule page, select a date and time when you want the scheduled indexing to start using the From field. Make sure that the time includes AM or PM.
    We recommend that you turn off scheduled rebuilding during data replication, because the rebuilding can affect the replication process.
  4. Select how often you want the rebuilding to occur using the Every field.

    How often you rebuild depends on whether you have incremental indexing enabled, how often your product data changes, and the types of changes you make to your data. For example, there are several types of data that are only updated when you do a full index rebuild, rather than incremental indexing.

  5. Click Apply to save any configuration changes.
  6. Click Run Now to run the search index update immediately.
    You can only schedule an index to be rebuilt once a day at most. However, you can manually rebuild if you need to rebuild the index more often. If you rebuild an index that other indexes depend on, all dependent indexes are rebuilt in the correct order when the index you selected is rebuilt.
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