Stop an A/B Test

You can stop a test that has, for example, not produced results, or whose test segment effects decrease revenue.

Stop an A/B test by changing its end date to the current date and time. A stopped test no longer takes on new participants, and excludes past participants that return to the site. However, it still collects metrics on active participant sessions until they expire.

You can stop a test on a Staging instance, but the effect only occurs if you stage the test to Production. For a more immediate effect, stop an A/B test on the Production instance. However, if you implement this change on Production, you must also make it on Staging so that a subsequent replication doesn't override it.


Any metrics that were collected since the test began remain. If there are statistically significant results, you can still draw conclusions about the data.

  1. Select site > Online Marketing > A/B Tests.
  2. On the A/B testing list page, double-click the A/B test you want to modify.
  3. On the A/B test details page, in the General section, change the end date to before the current date and time.
  4. Click Apply to accept the changes to your A/B test.
    The test stops running.
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