Migration to Unified Authentication Via Account Manager

When you migrate to unified authentication, your users can log in to their Business Manager instances through Account Manager. Unified authentication streamlines the login process by providing users with a single set of login credentials to access all Business Manager instances. As a result, your users have fewer credentials to remember. This applies for administrators who are manually migrating users to unified authentication. This doesn’t apply to administers who started using B2C Commerce after October of 2019 because their organizations automatically use unified authentication.

Unified login also increases security because you can use the two-factor authentication already supported on Account Manager accounts. Unified authentication simplifies user management by making Account Manager the one stop shop for creating and deleting users.

Note: You still manage permissions and preferences for users through Business Manager, including all users migrated to or created in Account Manager.

Before migrating your users to Unified Authentication, allowlist all hostnames used for Business Manager. You must allowlist all hostnames, even if the Permit allowlisted Hostnames Only setting is disabled in the security page.

Migrating users to Unified Authentication has five stages to prepare users for the change and minimize disruption. You don't need to use every stage. You can skip Unified Authentication Encouraged and go straight to Unified Authentication Mandatory. However, we recommend that you use every stage to avoid business disruption.

Note: As of 19.5, all new instances are linked to the Account Manager login.

Unified Authentication Best Practices

For increased security and ease of use, start your migration as soon as you can. Set a schedule for each stage.

Back up all affected users.

Inform your users before enabling Unified Authentication Encouraged so that they understand the benefits of switching. We provide an email template that you can use:

    We are moving to unified login via Account Manager. Unified login lets you log in
    to all Business Manager instances using your Account Manager login credentials.
    This change lets us unify login credentials across all instances, making logging in to
    Business Manager easier. Additionally, because Account Manager uses two-factor
    authentication, this adds a new level of security.
    Starting on xx.xx.xxxx, we will provide the option to link your Business Manager login
    credentials with your Account Manager account. On xx.xx.xxxx, the migration will become
    mandatory. Please link your accounts as soon as possible.
    If you have multiple accounts, only link the account that is supposed to remain,
    since only one will be used going forward.
    Thank you,
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