Copy Content into a Shared Library

Your site's private content library was created when your site was created. If you want to use this content with multiple sites, you must copy it into a shared library.

These instructions use the SiteGenesis application data as an example.

  1. Select Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export.
  2. In the Export section, enter the archive name: sg_export.
  3. In the Data Units To Export section, select:
    • Sites > SiteGenesis > Content
    • Library Static Resources > SiteGenesis
  4. Click Export.
  5. Watch the status in the Status section. When the export completes, save the resulting file to the desktop.
    1. In the Status section, click the export file's process link.
    2. Scroll down and click the export file's name link.
    3. Save the file to your local system.
    4. Within your .zip file editor, extract the files
      You see a content file directory structure.
  6. Create the library content .zip file.
    1. Within the sg_export directory, create a new directory called libraries.
    2. Within this directory, create a subdirectory to contain the shared library that you create during the process. Name the directory SharedLibrary (for this example).
    3. Within the sg_export\sites\SiteGenesis\library directory, copy the static subdirectory and the library.xml file to the new sg_export\libraries\SharedLibrary folder you created previously.
    4. Edit the file sg_export\libraries\SharedLibrary\library.xml.
    5. Add an attribute, library-id="SharedLibrary" to the top level <library> element as follows:
      <library main... library-id="SharedLibrary">
    6. Save the file.
    7. Delete the sites directory because it's no longer necessary.
    8. Rename the top-level directory from sg_export to SharedLibrary.
    9. Zip the top-level directory to create a
  7. Select Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export. Upload this file and then import it on the same page.
    This creates your shared library containing all the same content as the SiteGenesis application.
  8. Ensure that your database content was imported and your static content copied:
    1. Select Administration > Sites > Content Libraries.
      You can see a shared library with the same number of assets and folders as the original SiteGenesis library
    2. Select siteGenesis > Content > Import & Export > Manage Content Images.
    3. Select the SiteGenesis private library.
      You can see the top level of the file system for the SiteGenesis private library.
    4. To expand the tree, click the expansion icon +.
      You can see the entire content file set.
    5. Return to the Content Images page and select the SharedLibrary.
      You can see the same file set as in the private library.
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