Removing Unreferenced Content Slots

You can remove unreferenced content slots that no longer exist from within Business Manager.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Content Slots.
    When you open the Content Slots page, Salesforce B2C Commerce scans the templates of all storefront cartridges, and creates slot objects in the database for each <isslot> tag it finds. If <isslot> tags are removed from the storefront templates, the data remains in the database even though it's now unreferenced and obsolete. This page enables you to delete obsolete slots.
  2. On the Content Slots page, click the Unreferenced Contents Slots link to delete content slots that are no longer used.
  3. On the Unreferenced Content Slots page, select a content slot and click Delete or click Delete All to delete one or more unreferenced content slots.

Use Case 1

You create a new global slot, Info_A, by referencing it in a template as follows:

<isslot id="Info_A" description="Information to appear on in the middle of the page." context="global" />  

B2C Commerce creates a slot object for this slot the next time the templates are scanned when the Content Slots page is opened. This content slot appears in the Global area, where the user adds two slot new configurations. Later, the user deletes the Info_A slot reference from the template. The global slot no longer appears in the Slot Contents page, but you can delete it by clicking the Unreferenced Content Slots link.

Use Case 2

The cat-landing-page category slot is referenced on the cat-landing-page.isml template. The user creates slot configurations for category A and category B. They then remove the reference to the cat-landing-page slot from the template. The slot and slot configurations made for the cat-landing-page slot no longer appear in the content slot user interface. You can, however, delete them by clicking the Unreferenced Content Slots link.

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