Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle Device Logs

Logs that are created during a session are now stored and available on the server in addition to being available in the app on the iPad. If there is an error or issue, especially during payment, you can get as many details as possible to understand what has happened.

To access the logs:

  1. In Business Manager, select Administration > Site Development > Development Setup.
  2. Under WebDAV Access, under Import/Export, click the link, which ends with webdav/Sites/Impex.
  3. Under Filename, click src > ealogs.

To limit the number of logs that are stored on the server, you can archive logs. You can also clean up the logs.

To download the jobs to archive or clean up logs:

  1. In Business Manager, select Administration > Operations > Import/Export.
  2. Under Import & Export Files, click Upload.
  3. Select Instore-Service-Ext/int_ocapi_ext_core/config/EndlessAisleJobs.xml.
  4. Click Upload.
  5. In Business Manager, select Administration > Operations > Import & Export.
  6. Select EndlessAisleJobs.xml and click Next.
  7. After the file validation completes, check REPLACE.
  8. Click Import.

To archive or delete the logs, you schedule jobs in Business Manager:

  1. Select Administration > Operations > Job Schedules.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To archive logs, search for archive_endless_aisle_device_logs.
    • To delete old logs, search for clean_up_endless_aisle_device_logs.
  3. To run the job immediately, click Run.
  4. To schedule the job to run, click Enable.
  5. To change when the job runs:
    • Click the job name.
    • Click the Schedule & History tab.
    • Enter the start and end date for when the job should run.
    • Select the interval to specify how often the job should run.
  6. Adjust any custom parameters for the log configuration on the Step Configurator tab. Set the ADMIN_EMAILS if you want to receive email notification of upcoming archive deletions.
    • For archive_endless_aisle_device_logs job select Archive Endless Aisle device logs to set:
      • EA_LOG_FILES_QUOTA, (default: 200) number of log files to build up before archiving all files (to a maximum of 500 files)
    • For clean_up_endless_aisle_device_logs job select Clean up Endless Aisle device logs to set:
      • ARCHIVE_LIFETIME_IN_DAYS, (default: 30) days to keep around the archives
      • TIME_TO_NOTIFY_IN_DAYS, (default: 7) number of days to notify the user before the files are removed
      • ADMIN_EMAILS, (no default) email addresses to send the notification of impending deletion, use comma separator
      • SERVER_HOSTNAME, (no default) the hostname of the server on which the job is running
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