Delta Exports

You can export data for certain business entities as deltas rather than as full data sets.

Delta exports are available for catalog data exported to Order Management. Each delta export includes all changes since the previous export data file was generated, including object deletions. (Changes that occur while the data is being exported are included in the following export.) You can export the data to multiple consumers by specifying multiple WebDAV paths.

Contact Salesforce Support to enable this feature by activating its feature switch.

Note: The Delta Exports feature requires the Change Log feature to be active, which can cause a slight (<5%) database performance penalty. This affects update and delete transactions on any entity types that can be selected for delta exports (not only the types that actually are selected).
Note: If you want to include changes that occur in production via replication, the Change Log Replication feature must also be active. All three feature switches must be activated in staging and production.
Note: You can use delta exports with catalog data sent to Order Management. Salesforce Support must configure the connector to receive the delta catalog data.

Available Business Entity Types

Delta exports are available only for the following business entity types:


Note the following limitations of delta exports:


Configure delta exports in Business Manager by selecting Administration > Site Development > Delta Exports. The page shows a list of all existing configured delta exports.

To configure a new delta export job:

  1. To open a new job Details form, click New. The form includes General, Schedule, History, and Status tabs.
  2. Enter a name for the job in the Name text field and click Create. The name is used to form the WebDAV paths for the export files, so you cannot use any special characters.
  3. Enter one or more consumer names in the Consumers text field, separated with commas. One export data file is created for each consumer. These names are used to form the WebDAV paths for the export files, so you cannot use any special characters. This field is limited to 22 characters, including commas.
  4. By default, when a variation product is changed or deleted, only that variation product is included in the delta export data. If you want the base product and all other variation products of it to be included as well, check the Export Full Base Products box. This setting only affects product entities.
  5. Select one or more entity types to include in the delta export and click Apply. A tab is added to the form for each consumer.
  6. Select the Schedule tab.
  7. Set a start date and time using the From and at controls.
  8. Set a recurrence frequency using the Every controls. The delta export job must run at least once every 7 days, or it misses older changes. If the job is triggered and would contain no data (because the associated entities have not changed since the previous run), then that run is skipped.
  9. Check the Enabled box.
  10. Click Apply to set the job schedule. You can click Run Now to immediately queue the job to run once.

Delta Export Job Details

The Delta Exports page at Administration > Site Development > Delta Exports shows a list of all existing delta export jobs, with the following information:

Clicking the name of a job opens the Details form for that job. You can edit any fields other than the name of the job. The form includes the following tabs:

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