Edit Order-Level Price Adjustments

When Salesforce B2C Commerce manages pricing, order-level price adjustments can be made to orders that have not been fully or partially allocated. When making price adjustments at the order level, enter the adjustment amount as a net value (for net or gross orders). Price adjustments can be added, changed, or deleted at the order level from the Order detail page in the Administration module. You can edit the price adjustment information including:

See Price Adjustments for additional information on how adjustments are handled in Order Management.

Note: When not retrieving B2C Commerce pricing, you can manually apply or clear a promotion or coupon. The fields in the table don't appear to make a manual order-level price adjustment.

To edit the price adjustment fields at the order level, follow these steps from the Summary section of the Order details page:

  1. To show the order-level price adjustment fields, click the Edit button in the Summary section of the Order details page. If an existing promotion exists at the order level, it appears.

    When Order Management doesn't retrieve pricing from B2C Commerce, you can select Edit to manually edit promotions and coupons or to apply an order-level price adjustment. To make an order-level price adjustment, modify the adjustment amount in the Price Adj. field. See Order Details. The fields in the following table appear when B2C Commerce pricing is used.

  2. From here you can change or delete an existing price adjustment, or add a price adjustment. See the following table for descriptions of the fields and the buttons.
Fields and Buttons Description
Description Descriptive name of the price adjustment, 10% off an order of $150.00 or more.
Reason Code dropdown A dropdown list of price adjustment reasons, for price adjustments that were received from B2C Commerce. This list is not editable; reasons can't be deleted or changed.
Promotion ID ID associated with a promotion.
Adj. To change an existing price adjustment, enter a new price adjustment value in the Adj. field. Use a minus sign for a negative adjustment (discounts, promotions, or campaigns). The adjustment impacts the unit price of each Item and is distributed across all the line Items.
Totals The price adjustment total (when there is more than one order-level price adjustment).
Delete button Deletes a price adjustment that was already applied to the order. This option is only available if the order has not been fulfilled.
Add button Manually adds a new order-level price adjustment entry.
Subtotal Subtotal of unit prices of Items (including item-level price adjustments).
Price Adjustment Price adjustments applied at the order level. Price adjustments include extra charges such as gift wrapping fees (positive adjustment), in addition to promotions or discounts (negative adjustment). Negative adjustments are indicated in parentheses. If you hover over the blue Information icon (), order-level price adjustment details are provided (description, promo code, reason code, unit price, tax, and ext price).
Shipping To change an existing shipping cost, enter a new value in the Shipping field.
Handling To change an existing handling cost, enter a new value in the Handling field.
Total A read-only field that rolls up the total adjustment amounts and rolls up the total tax amounts for the adjustments.
Save button Saves and updates the system with the changes.
Cancel button Discards the changes and returns to the Order details page.
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