Specifying the Business Manager Credentials for a Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle Store

The Endless Aisle app requires access to the Business Manager credentials for the store where the app is running. These credentials have to be stored in the storeCredentials custom object.
Note: If the credentials expire after 90 days and are not reset, or if the wrong password is entered into the custom object, the app flags the “Credentials Expired” check box. This flag causes a special alert in the Endless Aisle app. This prevents the app from trying to log on multiple times with bad credentials, thereby locking out the profile.

This is one step in the process of creating stores and adding associates in Endless Aisle.

Managers can change the Business Manager store password from within the Endless Aisle app. If multiple stores use the same Business Manager user (and password), when a manager updates the password in one store, the password for all the other stores with the same username is also changed. To configure Store Password Expiration Notification, see Specifying General Endless Aisle App Settings in Business Manager.

  1. To specify a store's credentials for the first time:
    1. In Business Manager, select site > Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Manage Store Associates.
    2. Click Add Store Credentials to Endless Aisle.
    3. Select the store you created in the previous section.
      Any store that isn't already configured in Manage Store Associates (which is used by a storeCredentials custom object) doesn't appear in the drop-down. See Creating a Store for Endless Aisle.
    4. Enter the store username and password.
      Alternatively, you can specify the store credentials by adding a new storeCredentials custom object for the store id using the Custom Object Editor. See Creating a Business Manager User for Each Store for Endless Aisle.
    5. Click Apply.
  2. To update an existing store's credentials:
    Alternatively, you can specify the store credentials by editing the storeCredentials custom object for each store id that uses that Business Manager user using the Custom Object Editor.
    Note: You must first change the password for the user in Business Manager. If you change the store password in the Endless Aisle app, it changes the user's password as well as update the store password. Salesforce recommends that you use the app to avoid having to follow multiple steps of changing and updating passwords.
    1. In Business Manager, select site > Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Manage Store Associates.
    2. Under the store, click Update Store Password.
    3. Enter the store password twice and click Apply.
  3. Next step is permission groups for Endless Aisle associates.
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