Configuring a Recommender for Product Recommendations

When you create a product recommender, you specify the type of recommendation and the strategy you want to use. You can also add rules to fine-tune the recommendation.

Before you can configure a recommender for product recommendations, make sure that an administrator has configured catalog and order feeds for you site. These feeds provide the Einstein Configurator tool with necessary information for configuring the recommenders. You must also ensure that the administrator set up an account for you to use the Configurator tool.

To configure a recommender:

  1. In a web browser, access the Einstein Configurator.
  2. Log in to the Configurator tool using the credentials provided to you by your administrator.
  3. From the Select Site... list, select your site.
  4. Click the Site Recommendations tab.
  5. Click New Recommender
    The Create New Recommender dialog opens.
  6. In the Choose a Recommender Type section, select one of the recommender types.
  7. In the Recommender Name field, enter the name of the recommender.
    Note: The recommender name must be unique for the site. The name can contain letters, the hyphen (-) character, and the underscore (_) character. The length of the name must be less than 100 characters.

    You can't change the recommender name after you save it. The recommender name appears in other locations, for example, the Content Slot recommender and in Einstein Dashboard reporting. Best practice is to include the name of the page where you plan to apply the recommender as part of the recommender name.

  8. Click OK.
    The Create New Recommender dialog closes, and the Recommender Configuration page is opened.
    Note: The newly created recommender isn't saved at this point. It's saved later in this procedure when you click Save.
  9. (Optional) Click the General tab in the left pane and specify an upper limit on the number of recommendations in the Max # of Recommendations field.
  10. (Optional) In the same General tab, specify a description for the recommender.
    This description is visible within the Business Manager > Content Slot > Recommender selection
  11. (Optional) Click the Strategies tab.
    Note: This tab is not available for all recommenders.
    The Strategies tab shows a table where each row is a single strategy. The highest priority strategy appears in the top row, the second highest strategy, if any, appears in the second row, and so on.
  12. (Optional) To create another strategy, click New Strategy.
    A new strategy row appears at the bottom of the table. You can then select a new strategy by choosing a value in the Strategy Name field and clicking OK.

    You can delete a strategy by clicking on its row in the table, and then clicking Delete. Deleting strategies enables you to change the strategies used or to change the order of strategies by deleting and readding strategies in the desired order.

  13. (Optional) Click the Rules tab.
    Recommender rules allow for control over what products are shown to shoppers.
  14. (Optional) Click New Rule to create a new rule.
    A new row appears in the rule table where you can create a rule by selecting values and clicking OK.
  15. To save the configuration, click Save in the upper right hand corner of the page.
    Note: If you click Cancel, or if you leave the configuration page entirely, your changes are discarded.
While you are configuring strategies and rules, you can preview them to see what recommendations will be passed to the storefront at run time.
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