Content and Content Library Folder Object Import/Export

You can use pipelets to zip or unzip content images.

You can manually upload gzipped files using Business Manager. This is the case for any file that can be validated, as well as images.

You can manually upload zipped files using Business Manager. However, you must make sure to use a utility that does not include extraneous files, such as the _MacOS folder created by the Mac system compression utility.

You can't use WebDAV to move these files on staging or production instances.

Create a job that uses FTPClient or WebDAVClient to move files into the correct location in the cartridge.

Site Library

A site import results in an archive file ( that contains a structured representation of all the exported data, including a folder structure, XML files, and static files.

You can select which content libraries (private or shared) to export.

For private libraries:

For shared libraries:

The site import/export workflow enables you to select the libraries to export.

Business Manager Import Location

site > Content > Import & Export

Administration > Sites > Import & Export




Granularity: passed folders, content assets of passed folders.

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